How To Make A Mood Board in 10 Minutes

It’s at the tip of your tongue, the edge of your mind. A dope ass idea but you are just unsure of how to tie it together. There’s multiple elements to this image in your head and words can’t do enough to describe it. Stop frying your brain it’s time to make a mood-board.

Understand your objective

A mood board can be made for anything. Literally anything, but for this article we will focus on how you can use it to improve your visual products (films, vlog, music video, commercials, etc.). For the sake of clarity we will use a music video as an example. For your music video, let’s assume you already have the location but you have to fill it with an idea! Since location is no longer a need, now you can focus on a look. If our location happens to be a white backdrop studio. There’s tons of creative ways to think of how to use the space. Our objective is to fill up the white space. This will become our search criteria.

Start wide then focus

Okay put your hard hat on. Search Pinterest or one of your preferred image search engines. “White backdrop photography”. Not the flashiest search but it’s important to start basic. Now begin to sift through the images.

When you find something you like, use key descriptive words to continue your image searching. “Soft Hazy Photography”, a weird search but BOOM, some fire shit!

Search wide → get narrow

Cut the fat

After collecting your images to your board. It’s time to go through and take out the ones that are too far out from the objective. If it’s something that can’t be explained in a sentence or immediately attached to the central idea. Delete. It. Save yourself the clutter and data. Having a board with ideas all over the place, can create confusion.


To take it an extra step, you can organize your board. If you used Pinterest you can move photos around the board based on your ideas or familiarity. A board can be organized by many criteria. If you downloaded the images you can create folders to further organize your board, or your preferred image processing software.


Share your Pinterest board or folder. If you are pitching, organize the images in PowerPoint or Keynote. Sometimes I like to get hands on and I’ll print the photos out. For presentation use a high quality paper stock. For ideation use something cheap.

See the board here →

Outlined Process

Determine your mood board objective → start your basic search criteria → use image searching software → tighten your search based on specific images you like → restart or refine the process → sift through images/board → delete unnecessary images → organize board → share

BOOM, Mood-board done in 10 minutes!

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